UP Health System – Portage Honors Volunteers

May 24, 2016

HANCOCK, Mich. – UP Health System – Portage held its annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner at the Shelden Grill on May 10. Volunteers were recognized for service up to 14,000 hours from 1991 to December 2015.

The hospital’s 85 volunteers have put in a total of 134,395 hours of service. Gale LaFond was pinned for over 14,000 hours while Yvonne Fisher and Ronda Bogan have over 9,000 hours of service to Portage.

Mary Ellen Shane was remembered throughout the evening after she passed away on March 11. Mary Ellen volunteered an astounding 16,729 hours to Portage, beginning in January 2004. She worked for many departments and often spoke that her co-workers at Portage were like family to her.

Volunteers receiving pins for hours of service:  

500-999 Hours
• Anna Doskey
• Judith Leddy
• Maija Stadius

1,000 Hours
• Dennis Shea

2,000 Hours
• Rebekah Stadius
• Eileen Stordahl

3,000 Hours
• Tiffany Dawson
• James Junttonen

4,000 Hours
• James Barroga

5,000 Hours
• Nancy Fenton

6,000 Hours
• Mary Roy

9,000 Hours
• Ronda Bogan

14,000 Hours
 • Gale LaFond