Sleep Medicine

Over 40 million Americans have a sleep disorder. Sleeplessness, wakefulness, nodding off when driving, and snoring are all considered sleep disorders. Heart disease, pulmonary hypertension and high blood pressure are often the results of abnormal sleep.

We’re here to help.

Sleep Disorders Center 

Our sleep center has 2 comfortable sleep rooms available for testing and monitoring of patients with sleep disorders. The tests diagnose sleep apnea and other sleep disorders preventing you from getting a full nights rest.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has accredited our Sleep Disorder Center. Our highly trained staff will make you feel comfortable during your stay. After testing, our team will create personalized recommendations for restoring your ability to sleep.


Services we offer

  • Sleep studies
  • Multiple sleep latency tests (MSLT) for Narcolepsy
  • Maintenance of Wakefulness tests (MWT)
  • Home sleep apnea tests
  • CPAP education and mask fitting

Sleep Center

890 Campus Drive, Suite B.
Hancock, MI 49930
Open Monday-Thursday

Contact us

If you have any questions about the services offered at the Sleep Disorders Center or how you can get an evaluation, please call:

906.483.1950 - Sleep Disorders Center
800.573.5001 - (toll free)


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