Sports Medicine Institute

Helping Athletes Achieve Excellence

The UP Health System-Portage Sports Medicine Institute is a team of professionals providing services tailored for athletes of all ages, sizes and types.

All athletes are unique, which is why our services are fitted for your individual needs.  Sports nutrition, performance testing, injury prevention and treatment—we are here to assist you with all of this and more.

The Sports Medicine Institute is not a building, office or clinic.  Rather it is a team of health professionals across UPHS-Portage that works together under the name UPHS-Portage Sports Medicine Institute.

Us and the Community

The UPHS-Portage Sports Medicine Institute (SMI) is the official provider of sports medicine to collegiate athletes at Michigan Technological University and Finlandia University.  We are the official sports medicine providers to:

  • Michigan Technological University
  • Finlandia University
  • Hancock Central High School
  • Houghton High School
  • Dollar Bay/Tamarack City High School
  • Jeffers High School
  • Chassell Township Schools

Sports Injury Walk-In Clinic

We host a Sports Medicine Walk-In Clinic every Monday from 4-6 p.m. at the University Center in Houghton.  Our parters at Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center (UGL) offer assistance to athletes, who may walk in with their injuries to be evaluated.  The physician staff will assess your injury and determine requirements further diagnosis or treatment. 

SMI Staff

UPHS-Portage SMI provides services and referrals from experienced health care professionals that will get you back into your sport more quickly. The team of professionals come from a wide healthcare spectrum, including:

Sports Injury Prevention

The best way to take care of a sports-related injury is to prevent it from happening it in the first place. Certified Athletic Trainers (ATCs) work closely with athletes during training, practices and competitions to help prevent injuries.  When an injury does occur ATCs are the first to help address the injury and assess what further medical attention is needed.  Our ATCs are able to work with the other members of the Sports Medicine team to expedite the referral process to speed up the recovery process.

Other health professionals, such as cardiopulmonary and respiratory therapists, may be needed during training to assess exertion and cardiopulmonary efficiency. 


Every sports injury is different therefore the treatment for these injuries should be tailored to the athlete.  In the event of an injury, our physical therapists and physical therapist assistants have years of experience working with active individuals like you.  They focus on helping you feel better so you can get back to doing what you love.


If you are a candidate for orthopaedic surgery, the SMI staff will work to optimize your body’s ability to heal quickly after the surgery.  Our staff will train you to make your body strong before and after your surgery for optimal recovery.

Sports Nutrition

Good nutrition is a great start for prevention.  Getting the right nutrition gives your body the building locks to make as strong musculoskeletal structure.  When your bones and muscles are healthy and in balance, the chance of sprains and breaks are decreased.  Our staff works with nutrition professionals from UPHS-Portage to provide you with the nutrition information you need.

Contact Us

For more information on the Sports Medicine Institute please contact 906.483.1888