Hospital Medicine

Hospital medicine is the discipline concerned with the medical care of acutely ill hospitalized patients.

Our goal is to provide you with high quality healthcare during your stay in the hospital. Your care will be managed by doctors who are specially trained in hospital care and who are on call 24 hours a day.

How does the hospitalist program benefit me?

During a hospital stay, we can monitor your progress and condition efficiently and effectively because we are here all the time.

The hospitalist will monitor your condition, consult with your personal doctor and provide medical care when you need it. So, you will have more efficient medical attention - faster pain relief and access to specialists and urgent care at any hour. Because hospitalist physicians are on site to review lab results, you may even get to go home earlier.

During your hospital stay, hospitalists will answer questions you or your family may have. That doesn't mean you can't contact your personal doctor, but it does mean that a physician is available any time during the day.

The hospitalist physician will provide you with all the information and care you need until you can see your personal doctor. We also contact your doctor when you are discharged from the hospital and share the instructions you received. That means, when you go for your next appointment, your doctor will be aware of your follow-up care.