UP Health System – Portage Now Offering Uni-Compartmental Knee Replacement

June 16, 2021

UP Medical Group – Portage Orthopedics, a department of UP Health System – Portage, is pleased to announce Dr. Aaron Leininger is performing the uni-compartmental knee replacement – a minimally invasive surgery that allows orthopedic surgeons to personalize partial knee procedures for each patient, thereby improving patient outcomes and reducing recovery time. 

Dr. Leininger recently completed a partial knee advanced instruction course and is accepting new patients right here in the Upper Peninsula.

During knee replacement surgery, damaged bone and cartilage are resurfaced with metal and plastic components. In unicompartmental knee replacement  — or partial knee replacement — only a portion of the knee is resurfaced. This procedure is an alternative to total knee replacement for patients whose disease is limited to just one area of the knee.

Because a partial knee replacement is completed using smaller incisions, many patients spend less time in the hospital and can return to normal activities sooner than total knee replacement patients.

In addition to offering total joint replacement of the knee, hip, and shoulder, Dr. Leininger is expanding treatment options in our community to include a partial knee replacement for those who may not need a complete knee replacement thereby getting people back to doing the things they love to do a little faster.

UP Medical Group – Portage Orthopedics offers orthopedic services in Hancock, Calumet, and Ontonagon. The team includes Dr. Aaron Leininger, Dr. Ronald Ronquist, Dr. Michael Carter, and Jesse Primeau, PA-C. These providers continuously strive to enhance and offer the highest quality and most comprehensive orthopedic services available close to home. 

If you are interested in making an appointment, learning more about the uni-compartmental partial knee procedure, or any of our orthopedic services, please call 906.483.1040 or visit PortageHealth.org/Joint

Aaron Leininger, DO

Ronald Ronquist, MD

Michael Carter, MD 

 Jesse Primeau, PA-C