UP Health System combines clinical excellence with quality care, as Bell, Marquette and Portage hospitals unite

October 21, 2014

ISHPEMING, Mich. – Bell Hospital, Marquette General Hospital (MGH) and Portage Health celebrated their coming together as a regional health system focused on delivering exceptional patient care through the unveiling of a new name, logo and brand image representing the cohesive service of quality care that is the UP Health System. Bell Hospital and Portage Health are LifePoint Hospitals® and MGH is a part of Duke LifePoint Healthcare.

The unified messaging combines the experience and services of two historic community hospitals, Bell Hospital and Portage Health, with the tertiary care of MGH to provide exceptional healthcare and value to the UP community. Working together, the UP Health System will improve patient satisfaction and focus on delivering exceptional quality care in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

The new logo represents a sense of teamwork and celebrates the opportunities created as Bell, Marquette and Portage facilities move forward with a resolute commitment to quality health services in the UP.

“These hospitals represent more than three centuries of combined service in the UP and, together as part of Duke LifePoint and LifePoint Hospitals, we see incredible potential for the long-term impact the UP Health System will have in the region as a unified system of care,” UP Health System President Jim Bogan said.  “Today, we are excited to unveil the visual representation of our hospitals’ partnership and celebrate the leaps forward we are all taking to provide exceptional care in our communities.”

The UP Health System boasts a proud history, built on a tradition of quality care in the UP. In the 1800s Bell, Marquette and Portage hospitals each made a promise to provide high-quality care for their communities. Today, that promise is reaffirmed as these hospitals combine to offer improvements both large and small – like new technologies, enhanced services and a deliberate focus on enhancing the delivery of healthcare to the region.

“Together, we are moving confidently into a future of unparalleled expertise, delivered to the communities we remain dedicated to serving,” said Bogan. “It’s not about big business; it’s about a big idea. With the changes happening in healthcare today, the best way for community hospitals to stay community hospitals is to work together to make our communities healthier.”

As a Duke LifePoint hospital, Marquette has announced improvements including a new $280 million, 279-bed hospital and 80,000-square-foot medical office building. In addition, Marquette announced earlier this year its affiliation with Duke Medicine in Heart and Cancer, home of the Duke Cancer Institute and Duke Heart Center, programs respected worldwide for their clinical excellence and research expertise. At Portage, a $60 million commitment to capital improvements from its joint venture with LifePoint Hospitals® is providing significant investments in technology, equipment and improved facilities. Inside Bell, also a LifePoint hospital, a $5 million commitment to capital improvements will result in investments for physician recruitment and retention, increased scope of medical service offerings and investments in hospital infrastructure.

Visually, the community will witness the impact of the UP Health System’s new logo and brand image in the coming months through new facility signage at each hospital, updated websites and a powerful campaign featuring local patients, doctors and community members highlighting the bright future ahead for the UP. More than an updated look and a new name, the new logo clearly demonstrates a bond with and commitment to the region.

About UP Health System

The UP Health System made up of Bell, Marquette and Portage hospitals, and in partnership with LifePoint Hospitals® and Duke LifePoint Healthcare, is a systemdedicated to providing exceptional healthcare and value to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The UP Health System brings unparalleled expertise in clinical excellence and quality care to the UP. The UP Health System is making our communities healthier. For additional information, visit www.uphealthsystem.com.

About LifePoint Hospitals®

LifePoint Hospitals® is a leading hospital company focused on providing quality healthcare services close to home. Through its subsidiaries, LifePoint operates more than 60 hospital campuses in 21 states. With a mission of “Making Communities Healthier®,” LifePoint is the sole community hospital provider in the majority of the communities it serves. More information about the Company, which is headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee, can be found on its website, www.LifePointHospitals.com. All references to “LifePoint,” “LifePoint Hospitals®,” or the “Company” used in this release refer to LifePoint Hospitals®, Inc. or its affiliates.

About Duke LifePoint Healthcare

Duke LifePoint Healthcare, a joint venture of Duke University Health System, Inc. and LifePoint Hospitals® (NASDAQ: LPNT), was established to build a dynamic network of hospitals and health care providers. The joint venture, which brings together LifePoint's experience in community-based hospital management and Duke's world-renowned leadership in clinical service, is strengthening and improving health care delivery by providing community hospitals the clinical, quality and operational resources they need to grow and prosper. For additional information, visit www.dukeLifePointhealthcare.com