At UP Health System - Portage, we put patient care first. We know that every patient is a valuable member of the community that we serve. View our patient testimonials below, where you can read firsthand accounts of the quality care you will receive at UP Health System - Portage. 

Delivering During COVID-19: Katy's Story
"There may be some women who are afraid to go to the hospital right now, but I wouldn't have felt safer anywhere else. I wasn't worried about anyone handling my newborn baby. It felt like we were in our safe little bubble."

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Michele's Road to Recovery 
"The staff is so right on with what I need. It's amazing that I can stay here until I feel confident and safe. It has taken such a burden off of my family, we are so lucky to have this swing bed program. My life before the accident is going to improve."
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Getting Back In Action
"The therapists showed understanding, patience, and compassion, and effectively assessed my condition and what exercises were needed. I can’t say enough positive things about my experience. I would recommend Portage Rehab to anyone needing therapy.” 

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A Fresh Start with a New Shoulder
"I can use my left arm more functionally now than I could in the last 30 years. I can sleep again. In terms of the surgical process and the outcome, this experience has far exceeded my expectations."
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A Smooth Transition to Motherhood
"We sure are thankful we went to Portage. We weren't just patients to them. They cared about me and my baby and our well-being. We weren't just patients on their to-do list."
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Achieving Health and Fitness Goals
"The instructors are so expert at understanding the needs of us students, they help you when you need it and you never feel like you're in the presence of an intimidating exercise person. They're kind, supportive, but they still challenge you."
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Experts in Pain Relief
"Even before delivering my baby, my back was nearly 100% pain-free. During delivery, I felt strong and confident. Physical therapists are such special people. I attribute how easy it was to have my baby to Stephanie Bustos, DPT. I can't believe we have her as a resource in our community."
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Specialty Medications Close to Home
"With the specialty drugs I get, Portage fought to get what I needed. My pharmacist is a person who has been invested in me from the start. I've received excellent care. It's not often you get a pharmacy that looks after you this way."
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Cancer Didn't End Susan's Story
"I didn't just find a place to go for treatment, I became a member of their family. Because of the incredible staff at UP Health System - Portage, my story is not done yet."
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