Policies & Discounts

Payment arrangement policy

If you can't pay your entire bill all at once, we will work with you to set up a reasonable payment plan. The interest-free terms range from 12-month to 24-month plans, and are based on the total amount of your bill. Payments must be made on a monthly basis.

Prompt payment discount

If you are able to pay your entire bill within 30 days of receiving your first balance statement, we will give you a 10% discount* on hospital services and a 5% discount* on Portage Physician Practices bills. Upper Great Lakes Family Health Centers does not offer a prompt pay discount.

*Discount not available on Blue Cross and Blue Shield policies.

Self-pay discount

If you are a self-pay patient — that means you do not have insurance and will be paying your entire bill yourself — we will give you a 40 percent discount for hospital services and 20 percent discount for Portage Physician Practices. You will receive the discount when you are billed for services. If paid within 30 days of your first statement, the prompt-pay discount is offered.

Financial Assistance Program

We offer financial help to people in our community who are underinsured and cannot afford medically necessary healthcare services. Click here to learn more.

Bad debt policy

If you call us to schedule an appointment or procedures and are identified as having bad debt (unpaid bills) with UP Health System - Portage, you will need to speak with one of our financial counselors. Once an acceptable payment plan or payment in full is made, you will be able to continue the scheduling process.

If you have bad debt, we'd like to talk through options with you. Our financial counselors are here to help you learn about ways to manage this stressful situation.

Financial Counselor

A financial counselor is a member of the UP Health System - Portage Business Services team that assists patients with financial obligations for healthcare services.

Any questions regarding our policies and discounts, please contact our office at:

Phone: (906) 483-1100 or toll-free (800) 573-5001.

  • Option 1: Make a Payment
  • Option 2: Financial Counselor
  • Option 3: NPAS
  • Option 4: Billing