UP Health System - Portage offers healthcare at our main campus in Hancock or at our clinics in Houghton, Lake Linden, Ontonagon and Calumet.

The best way to make an appointment is to contact the office of the physician or service.

Making an appointment with a doctor

If you do not have your doctor’s phone number, use the Find a Doctor search to find his or her contact information.

If you are new to UP Health System - Portage or are selecting a new physician, use the Find a Doctor feature or visit our Services page.

As always, if you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 or go directly to the nearest hospital emergency department.

Types of Appointments

In the patient-centered medical home model of care, there are three types of visits you may have with your primary care provider. You should talk with your insurance provider to understand how each type of visit might be covered in your insurance plan.

Annual Wellness Visit

An annual wellness visit can be thought of as a preventative exam. This type of visit assesses your overall healthcare needs. Your concerns will be addressed, a plan of care will be designed and education will be provided to assist with improving your health.

Your provider will focus on your health from a unique perspective based upon your age, gender, family history and medical-risk profile. Using these factors, a specific set of interventions and screening tests will be offered in addition to a focused physical examination.

You are encouraged to bring a list of concerns or questions. Your provider will review these issues with you to determine if they need further attention. This is an opportunity to take control of your health by bringing up any issues, no matter how big or small.

This type of visit usually takes 40-60 minutes. Schedule your next annual visit before you leave our office.

Planned-Care Visit

These regularly scheduled visits are important for people of all ages who have an ongoing medical problem like asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. People with ongoing conditions can benefit by preventing problems rather than waiting to see their provider when they are sick or experiencing symptoms. These visits can include:
  • Monitoring of your condition with tests such as blood pressure monitoring, breathing tests, blood tests, foot exams, etc.
  • Drug review
  • Education for controlling your condition and preventing flare ups.
This type of visit usually takes 30-60 minutes. Schedule all of your planned visits at once for the year, or make sure you schedule your next visit before you leave our office.

Acute-Care Visit

Sometimes we get sick even when we do our best to prevent it.

This type of visit usually takes 15-30 minutes. At the first sign of sickness or injury, call us to get an appointment with your provider or one of our other providers. All of our providers work together and communicate. We ensure that your medical record is updated and that your regular provider is notified.

You can also get care at Express Care and the Emergency Department. Again, providers have access to your medical record which they will update.

All emergency cases should be taken care of as soon as possible by calling 911 or going to the nearest emergency room.