Fitness Classes and Events

The UPHS - Portage Fitness Center is open for fitness classes and personal training sessions! 

UP Health System - Portage sponsors several fitness events in the community. Sometimes choosing to participate in an event doubles as a healthy goal. Check back often to see what events are coming up next!

Class Details:

  • All classes will be held at the Portage Fitness Center unless otherwise noted.
  • Social distancing practices will be in place as well as strict cleaning requirements.
  • Locker rooms will be open, including showers, and towel service will be available.
  • Saunas, water fountains, and the coffee bar will be closed. 
  • Please use the back entrance to enter and exit the Fitness Center for Group Exercise Classes and Personal Training Sessions.
  • Space is limited to 10 participants. Be sure to sign up on the MemberMe+ app or call us at 906.483.1149.

Annual Fitness Events 

Registration for Fitness Classes

For more information or to register, please call (906) 483-1149. Classes can be booked on your mobile device (iPhone, Android) by downloading the Free MemberMe+ app. Add Portage Fitness Center as your “Home Club”. Classes can be booked if you have a valid class punch card, which can be purchased at the Fitness Center.

Classes can also be booked online by clicking on the banner below and registering for an account. Classes can be booked whether you have a valid class punch card or not.

Fall Fitness Classes (September 8 - December 5) 

Cost for all classes 

Per session: $6 (non-members); $4 (members) 
Fitness Classes 16-session punchcard: $72 (non-members); $48 (members) 
Indoor Cycling 16-session punchcard: $88 (non-members; $56 (members)

Unlimited classes
$360 Annually ($30/month)
$40 Monthly
$600 Annual membership & unlimited classes ($50/month)

Available Classes

  • Cycle Flex: Class begins with a power ride on the spin bike. After cycling, you climb off the bike and head to the floor for strength training intervals using a variety of equipment. Class fun will vary!
  • Core Cycle: Same great cardio workout as indoor cycling followed by a challenging 15-minute core session.
  • Core Mix: An excellent full-body, functional fitness workout focused on strengthening the abdominals and toning the core.
  • Fit for Life: This class is a total body workout that is designed for people of all ages; includes both a strength and cardio component. Get ready to have fun, challenge yourself, and become more confident! 
  • FUNctional Fitness: Enjoy fitness and friends for this fun, socially interactive class designed to maintain and improve a daily active lifestyle for all activity levels. Beginners are encouraged to attend.
  • GRIT: This class is designed to help shed that excess fat while building strength and endurance. This class includes circuit training, cardio exercise, bodyweight exercises, and finishes with core training and stretching for a complete workout. All levels welcome.
  • HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training is a vigorous exercise mixed with low-to-moderate recovery time for an effective way to push your fitness to the next level.
  • Indoor Cycling: This class is an amazing cardio challenge made up of varying speeds and resistance levels, hill climbs, flat runs, and more. Music will keep you on the proper pace while keeping you thoroughly motivated. Let the instructor guide you through a ride that you can tailor to fit your fitness levels and goals. This class is great for all fitness levels because participants set their own resistance levels.
  • Power Circuit: Burn calories while you develop muscular strength and endurance as you transition through the various fundamental and foundational movements of strength training. 
  • Stretch Release: This class gives your muscles the ability to lengthen and restore using stretching straps and foam rollers. Stretch Release is designed to increase flexibility and range of motion.
  • Total Body Conditioning: This strength-based class targets all of your major muscle groups using strength supersets followed by a power exercise. You'll walk out of the room feeling strong. With fun music and high-energy, you can condition, strengthen, and tone some of the biggest muscle groups. All levels of participants are welcome.
  • Yoga: Challenge your body and improve overall fitness. This yoga class blends power and balance to increase strength and flexibility.