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    MyHealth by Portage Health is an employee wellness collaboration service offered to businesses.


  • Wellness: It is a choice

    More than 75% of employer's healthcare costs and productivity losses are attributed to employee lifestyle choices. /assets/0/75/80/81/2147483925/b8f59164-6525-4ea5-80e8-36dd3537104b.jpg 

    As an employer, the ROI from educating your employees to make better life-choices comes in the form of:

    • a healthier workforce /assets/0/75/80/81/2147483925/36f6461c-fb4a-4673-a1aa-a9b1d1a7d4b6.jpg 
    • cost containment of healthcare-related expenses /assets/0/75/80/81/2147483925/01860840-a8b1-4d07-a5a5-b31a8a0181ec.jpg 
    • increased productivity /assets/0/75/80/81/2147483925/926b9db0-58ab-4a36-86bc-f5ce365b09e7.jpg 

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    4 key components

    1. Orientation 
    2. Screenings 
    3. Health Risk Assessment 
    4. Risk Management Engagement 

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    Orientation, marketing and scheduling:

    • Series of introductory meetings with your employees
    • Assistance with employee information material
    • Schedule individual appointments
    • Provide consultation and information

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    Individual screenings:

    • Height, weight, waist circumference
    • Blood pressure
    • Fasting blood glucose
    • Fasting lipid panel
      • Total
      • LDL  
      • HDL  
      • Triglycerides

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    Comprehensive Health Risk Assessment (HRA):

    • Incorporates screening results with lifestyle behavior questionnaire
    • Provides individualized report on current health status including:
      • Indicators on what is working
      • Indicators on areas that can be improved
      • Indicators on specific approaches to improve
    • Health indicator tracking systems
      • Nutrition
      • Activity
      • Weight
      • Blood pressure
    • True Age assessment
    • Osteoporosis risk assessment
    • Health interests/goals
    • Ask the myHealth expert

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    Modifiable Risk Engagement:

    • Engage with employees
    • Consult employees about modifiable risk factors
    • Connect them with resources and educate with improvement options
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    Why Portage Health?

    This program is an affirmation of our mission: To improve the health of our community by providing the highest quality healthcare services.
    As the area’s leading healthcare provider, we have access to the experts and this program is:

    • Supported by a team of healthcare professionals
    • Built by a Fit-Friendly Company (Platinum Status)*
    • Based on several years’ of wellness programming success.

    * Portage Health was awarded Platinum Status by the American Heart Association in July 2011. 


  • What we can do for your company

    myHealth Services

    • Screening registration
    • Onsite screenings/blood draws
    • HRA for each participant
    • Access to online wellness portal
    • Analysis of workplace environment (including recommendations for improvements)
    • 2 Lunch and Learn presentations per year
    • Monthly wellness e-newsletter
    • End-of-year wellness reports

    Additional services

    • Metabolic rate testing
    • Personal training discounts
    • Reduced Fitness Center membership pricing
    • Discounted CPR/first aid course pricing
    • Ergonomic assessments
    • Additional Lunch and Learn presentations
    • Group pricing for Portage Health events


  • Contact

    Joni Erkkila
    Wellness Coordinator

    Phone: (906) 483-1562

    Email: jerkkila@portagehealth.org

    • Fall Allergies

      While spring seems synonymous with allergies, several irritants arrive in the fall and take their toll on allergy sufferers. But several steps can help curb symptoms.

    • Be mindful of ticks ... and Lyme disease

      Lyme disease is the most common tick borne disease in the United States. In Michigan, there is an incident rate of about 1 per 100,000 residents. The incidence of Lyme disease is 30 times higher in our closely neighboring

    • Breastfeeding is the best way to feed newborns

      March is Parenting Awareness Month. The earliest choice parents can make to ensure their child gets the best right from birth is to breastfeed. It is the natural way, and as long as a mother and child are able to, it's the healthiest and most affordable choice for both mother and child.

    • Obesity a leading health concern in Michigan

      Obesity has become one of the leading health concerns in our country and Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula is not immune. Obesity has become a major concern in our area, with more than 25 percent of our adult community obese. In addition, more than half are overweight.

    • Physical therapy can help with pain management

      As life's events unfold, the inevitable aches and pains associated with injury, illness, and age eventually set in and affect our quality of life. Experiencing pain is expected, but living with pain is not necessary and in most cases physical therapy can significantly reduce or relieve pain.

    • Sleep plays vital role in daily performance

      An average person sleeps about a third of the day, roughly six to 10 hours. That time is actually the most important part of the day, as it determines mental and physical health for the remainder of the day.

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