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Positive Body Image and a Healthy Relationship with Food

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The culture of disordered eating is pervasive in our society. It’s possible for an individual to suffer from disordered eating even if he or she does not have a full-blown eating disorder.

To create an environment that fosters positive body image and a healthy relationship with food for everyone, you might want to avoid these behaviors:

  • Praising another’s appearance based on body size or attractiveness.
  • Complimenting someone when they lose weight or diet.
  • Encouraging someone to lose weight.
  • Talking negatively about our bodies.
  • Discussing measurements, weight or clothing sizes.
  • Thinking of foods as “good” or “bad.”
  • Making fun of another person’s eating habits or food choices.
  • Criticizing our own eating.
  • Considering a person’s weight to be important.
  • Saying someone is “healthy” or “well” because he or she is thin.
  • Expecting physical perfection from yourself or others.
  • Encouraging or participating in more exercise than is healthy.
  • Assuming that a person wants or needs to lose weight.
  • Allowing the media to dictate which body type is “in.”

We suggest that you strive for good health by eating a well-balanced diet and staying physically active, rather than dieting and obsessing about losing weight or being thin.

For more information on food, weight or body image issues, please call the Portage Health Community Health Department at (906) 483-1149.

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