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    It’s not often you have the best quantity and quality of help all in one place, but at PortagePointe, that’s exactly what you’ll have. Our highly skilled staff has been specifically trained and licensed in elder care, and is ready to make you or your family member feel right at home. Our staff is available 24 hours a day, with specialty providers (dental hygienist, therapists, dieticians, etc.) making daily or weekly rounds through our homes as needed. Further specialists are right around the corner (you don’t even have to go through the snow) at Portage Health. Our goal is to make each elder feel comfortable at home, and our staff strives to make that a possibility.

    Eden Philosophy

    Eden Alternative Registered MemberThe Eden Philosophy recognizes that as we age there is more to living than pills and therapy. Companionship, the opportunity to give meaningful care to other living things, and the variety and spontaneity that mark an enlivened environment, can succeed where pills and therapies often fail.

    We’ve adopted this philosophy, and our elders love it. We have gardens kept by our elders, we have a salt water fish tank, groups of children stop by on a normal basis, and you’ll regularly find our pet dogs and cats coming in to dutifully check on elders.

    We were one of the first in the nation, and first in the U.P., to adopt this philosophy in 2000, and it’s worked. Our halls are filled with cheerful, compassionate elder associates, working to keep everyone happy and healthy.

    What are you waiting for? See if you or your loved one qualify, and then start the application process. We’d love to have you in our home.

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    • PortagePointe adds a specialty rehab gym in Pewabic House

      Rehabilitation services at PortagePointe have recently been improved because of a strengthened partnership between PortagePointe and Portage Health Rehab. The rehab team designed a specialty gym inside of the Pewabic House, which makes rehabilitation more convenient for PortagePointe elders.

    • PortagePointe Elder Community Earns A Grade at State Review

      Portage Health is proud to announce that the PortagePointe senior living community has received high marks at its annual review by the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH).

    • Mary Altman turns 105 at PortagePointe

      Ask anyone at PortagePointe about Mary Altman, and smiles are all you’ll see. The 105-year-old resident of PortagePointe has that affect on people. “Everyone loves her,” said Julie Beck, the social worker who works with all of the patients at PortagePointe. “She’s an amazing woman, the kind of person you could spend a week listening to and it wouldn’t be close to enough time.”

    • PortagePointe senior living community receives top quality rating

      Portage Health is proud to announce that the PortagePointe senior living community has received the top rating from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).


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