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Hiring new members for our team is one of the most important things we do at UP Health System - Portage. Each person on our staff is essential to providing the quality healthcare we promise to our community.

Here at UP Health System - Portage, our staff is committed to providing the highest level of service possible. This commitment is reflected in our Service Excellence Standards:

  • Accountability - We use our human and financial resources responsibly by utilizing our time and resources well and embracing technology to enhance productivity.
  • Communication - We strive for transparent and effective communication that supports organizational success, protects confidentiality, and strengthens trust.
  • Excellence - We constantly strive to provide the highest quality care and service in a safe environment.
  • Innovation - We identify and apply innovative approaches to new ideas and processes while adapting to change.
  • Respect - We treat all people with respect and compassion. We are honest in all situations, accept differences, and act selflessly by thinking of others first.
  • Teamwork - We demonstrate that our strength is in our people, working together with personal responsibility and trust. We anticipate the needs of each other and lead with a positive attitude and recognition of others.

We encourage people with a variety of skills and backgrounds to apply for our open positions. If you're interested in becoming part of our team, please view our job listings and review our guidelines on how to apply.

Our emphasis is always on finding the right person for the right job. We’re committed to maintaining a team of highly qualified, dedicated and diverse professionals.

We encourage people with a variety of skills and backgrounds to apply for our open positions. If you’re interested in becoming a part of our team, please view our job listings and review our guidelines on how to apply.

Viewing our Job Postings

All current job postings are listed on our online job board, with the exception of physician and allied health opportunities, and volunteer opportunities.

Submitting an Application Form

To apply for an open position, you will complete an online application form which includes education, training and professional experience.

You will also be given the option to submit a resume and letter of interest.

To begin the application process, select the job you are interested in applying for on the online job board and click "Apply for this job".

Who is an ideal Portage candidate?

There is no template for the ideal candidate for a job at UP Health System - Portage. All of our staff members possess unique skills that make them valuable members of our team. There are, however, certain qualities shared by our employees, which we believe are the best of the best. The attributes we're seeking in a job applicant include:

  • Excellent qualifications and professional experience.
  • Commitment to service excellence and exceptional patient care.
  • Willingness to be flexible and embrace change.
  • Dedication to teamwork.
  • Creativity and an eagerness to inspire and be inspired.
  • A desire to embrace year-round living in the Upper Peninsula.
  • A positive attitude and a friendly personality - you’ll see a lot of smiles around here!

We’re always looking for our next ideal candidate, so please online job board. Thank you for considering employment at UP Health System - Portage.

Contact us

For more information about jobs at UP Health System - Portage, please call our Human Resources Team at (906) 483-1516 or (800) 573-5001 (toll-free).