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    As part of our admission process, we must determine whether an elder meets the guidelines outlined by the state of Michigan to reside in a home providing skilled nursing care.

    The individual must need help with certain activities of daily living. We will screen everyone on their functional abilities to determine if they meet the state’s guidelines.

    The abilities that are considered by the state are as follows:

    • Bed Mobility – How the elder moves to and from a lying position, turns side to side in bed and if he/she is able to position his/her body while in bed.
    • Transfers – How the elder moves between surfaces including to or from the bed, chair, wheelchair and a standing position.
    • Walks – How the elder walks between locations in his/her home.
    • Dressing – How the elder puts on, fastens and takes off all items of clothing, including applying and removing a prosthesis or TED hose.
    • Eating – How the elder eats and drinks.
    • Toilet Use – How the elder uses the toilet or commode; how he/she transfers on and off the toilet; and their ability to clean themselves after elimination.
    • Personal Hygiene – How the elder maintains his/her personal hygiene, including combing hair, brushing teeth, shaving, applying makeup, and washing and drying their face and hands.

    We will then need to determine an elder’s ability to remember, think coherently, organize daily self-care activities and perform key decision-making functions.

    Many times it is difficult to make a determination of abilities based on the written information provided. We may ask the elder to come and meet with us at PortagePointe so we can assess his or her abilities ourselves.

    When filling out our forms, please make sure to think of your elder’s ability throughout a 24-hour period. People’s abilities often change as they become tired. Please let us know if your elder’s abilities waiver throughout the day. This will be important to our decision-making process. Please provide this information as accurately as possible. Feel free to write comments in any and all boxes. The more information we have to process an application the better.

    A prompt return of the information requested will facilitate the processing of an application.

    Although we consider ourselves a senior living community, we must follow the state and federal regulations governing nursing homes throughout the nation. If we can assist you in any way, please call (906) 483-1300.

    Take the Next Step, Apply Today

    At PortagePointe we try to make the admissions process as simple as possible. If you think you or your loved one should qualify, please Apply for Residency. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us (906) 483-1300 with any questions.

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