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Portage Health Receives ACR Accreditation

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Portage Health's Radiology department has been awarded a three-year term of accreditation in Mammography as the result of a recent survey by the Amercan College of Radiology.

The ACR, headquartered in Retson, Virginia, awards accreditation to facilities for the achievement of high practice standards after a peer-review evaluation fo the practice. Evaluations are conducted by board-certified physicians and medical physicists who are experts in the field. They assess the qualifications of the personnel and the adequacy of facility equipment. The surveyors report their findings to the ACR’s Committee on Accreditation, which subsequently provides the practice with a comprehensive report.

The ACR is a national organization serving more than 32,000 diagnostic-interventional radiologists, radiation oncologists, and nuclear medicine and medical physicists with programs focusing on the practice of medical imaging and radiation oncology and the delivery of comprehensive health services.

For more information on the Radiology department, please visit their info page or call (906) 483-1410 or (800) 573-5001 (toll free).

Note: This news was originally posted on: 06/29/2007  


Portage Health Foundation Announces Grant Awards

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HANCOCK—The Portage Health Foundation is pleased to announce that it has awarded $37,324 in grant monies within Portage Health, Inc. The program/project recipients include:

  • Area Geriatric Education Scholars (AGES) Program, $3,800; Houghton and Keweenaw County Youth, Portage Health. This program provides a mechanism to increase awareness of geriatric health careers, local health profession offerings, and local routes to pursue health careers in a practical way. The program will build on existing partners, as well as cultivate new ones, via a “home grown” approach to the meet the medical profession shortages in the local area.
  • Chronic Disease Electronic Management System (CDEMS) Pilot 2007, $3,900; Diabetes Clinics and Education, Portage Health. This project supplies a process-based tool on medical standards of care for Diabetes patients. The data it generates can be effectively used in as little as 3-months to make improvements in patient care and assist in the development of an outpatient disease management template.
  • Mural, $7,520; MRI Suite, Portage Health. Artwork will be created to provide an open and comforting atmosphere that will reduce the claustrophobia effects patient experience with MRI scanners.
  • Resuscitation Training Equipment, $8,604; Neonatal Resuscitation Baby, Infant Airway Management Trainer, Course Books with Instructor Manual, Moulage Kit, Megacode Kit – Trauma, Infant Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Manikin with Simulator, Instructor Tool Kit, Instructor Manuals, and Instructional DVDs. These materials will be used for resuscitation programs within Portage Health, to ensure current certification for physicians and staff.

Telehealth for Home Care, $13,500; Portage Health Home Care. This program gives home care patients a tele-monitoring system that provides better and more efficient care. The program also responds to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) mandate which strives to reduce unnecessary acute care hospitalizations and Emergency Department use.

The Portage Health Foundation was established and formed in 1990 as a charitable, fund-raising organization for Portage Health. Its mission is parallel to Portage Health’s mission: to improve the health of our community. As a resource for Portage Health, it funds innovative programs and/or projects that relate to health education, program development, research, and medical equipment. The Foundation gives Portage Health an opportunity to look beyond the actual delivery of healthcare, and get to the root causes of great health.

Donations to the Portage Health Foundation provide the community a chance to participate more significantly in the tapestry of care and compassion that is so important to all of us in the Western Upper Peninsula. For more information about the Portage Health Foundation, please contact us at (906) 483-1566.

Note: This news was originally posted on 02/23/2007 


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