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    At Portage Health, we are committed to providing a safe environment for patients and families. As an active participant in your healthcare, you can lower your risk of injury and make your hospital stay as safe as possible. Patients who are more involved with their care in the hospital tend to do better and stay safer.

    Here is how you can make your stay a safe and positive experience:

    • Identify yourself. Wear your hospital I.D. bracelet at all times. If
      your bracelet comes off, ask your nurse to provide a new one.
    • Check the information on your hospital I.D. bracelet to make
      sure that your name, birth date and medical record number
      are correct.
    • Make sure that all staff members check your I.D. bracelet before
      any procedure, surgery, or test is performed, or medicine is given.
    • Ask questions if you do not understand. It is your body and your
      right to know.  

    Here are the safety initiatives at Portage Health to ensure our patients have a safe, supported environment:

    • Mothers, fathers and babies wear corresponding scannable wristbands in the Family Birthing Center.
    • HUGS central unit-wide monitoring system for babies in the Family Birthing Center.
    • Barcodes on wristbands contain information about medication and allergy alerts.
    • PatientSafe Solutions bedside medication system is a higher safeguard in the prevention of medication errors by ensuring the five rights (the right medication, the right dose, the right route, the right time and the right patient) are consistently adhered to.
    • We use Alaris "smart pump" systems to administer IV medications. The pumps help protect against harm at the point of infusion delivery and help prevent errors on critical drugs. A computer will warn the nurse or doctor if an IV infusion falls outside of set dosage and infusion-rate parameters, thus preventing a wrong dose from being administered to the patient.
    • Portage Health adheres to Michigan's Color-Coded Patient Alert Wristband Standardization Project.
    • Portage Health participated in the State Action on Avoidable Rehospitalizations (STAAR) project which seeks to reduce the rate of patients being rehospitalized within a month of discharge by 30 percent, while increasing patient satisfaction with transitions and coordination of care.
    • Portage Health has a MAP (Medication Administration Process) team that identifies potential risks and implements medication safety practices. This team helped Portage Health win the prestigious ISMP Subscribers Award in 2009.

    Condition Help - A safety initiative for patients

    If you are worried about yourself as a patient, or a family member who is a patient, you can dial 1000 on any hospital phone for immediate action.

    You make the call:

    • If necessary, patients or families may call Portage Health’s Condition Help line by dialing 1000 on your hospital phone.

    When to call Condition Help:

    • Dial 1000 if there is a patient emergency.
    • Dial 1000 if you are concerned about yourself as a patient or a family member who is a patient but not sure it’s an emergency – something is just not right.

    What happens when you call Condition Help:

    • The operator will ask for information about your concern.
    • The operator will contact staff to respond to the issue.

    In offering our patients and families the Condition Help option, we want you to know that you are our partner in care. Please talk with your healthcare providers any time about any concerns you have. If you think of questions when your doctor or nurse is not present, write them down so that you can ask them at a later time. Our caring physicians, nurses and staff are here to help.


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