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    We offer administration of allergy serum. Here’s some information to help you in the process of managing your injections.

    1. We require that you schedule your first visit with one of our physicians prior to receiving your injections. You may receive your first injection during the first visit, if you are cleared by the physician to do so. After the first visit, you will be scheduled with our nursing staff to receive your injections.
    2. Please bring your allergy serum with you to your first visit, along with the schedule of injections supplied by your allergist. We will store your serum and will reorder it for you as you progress through your shot regimen.
    3. Once you have received an injection, we require that you wait in the reception area for the entire period suggested by your allergist – usually 20 to 30 minutes – so we can monitor you for any reactions. If you have a reaction after leaving our offices, please call 483-1860 or go to the Emergency Department for treatment.
    4. If you are leaving town and will need to take your serum with you, we ask that you please call us at least one day before you would like to pick up your serum to make arrangements.
    5. If you arrive late for your appointment, we will need to reschedule your injection.
    6. Please remember – you must schedule an appointment for an allergy injection and be willing to wait 20-30 minutes after the injection.

    If you have any questions about your allergy injections or would like to schedule an appointment, please call (906) 483-1060.

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